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Plan A publishes in-depth strategic planning reports addressing major disease areas targeted by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Each study provides comprehensive market analyses oriented toward new products, technologies, and market opportunities. The studies are based on ongoing analysis and assessment of products and technologies, competition, and the environment.

These independent assessments of technologies and markets often serve as the foundation for custom research efforts.


The following titles are currently available or in progress.

ONCOSight: Patient Populations
Innovations in Anticancer Drugs
Innovations in Hematological Cancer Drugs
Innovations in Oncology Supportive Care
HIVAlert: Treatment Trends-Qualitative Analysis
HIVAlert: Treatment Trends-Quantitative Analysis
HIVAlert: Lines of Therapy
HIVAlert: Patient Populations: U.S.
HIVAlert: Patient Populations: Europe
Strategies in Retinal Diseases

Please contact us to register your interest in these studies or to propose other topics of syndicated or multiclient study.


Call us for prompt service on orders and inquiries:

Phone: 650-960-3753 (8 am to 5 pm Pacific Monday-Friday)
Fax: 650-960-3758

Also call for additional information on these and other reports and on other Plan A services.
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