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As an established firm in biopharmaceutical healthcare consulting, Plan A specializes in key disease areas, covering a wide range of relevant topics, including current practices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention; patient populations; new products in development; and reimbursement and pricing. By focusing on specific therapeutic areas, Plan A maintains the in-depth base of knowledge necessary to make critical and informed decisions.

Plan A also evaluates the clinical and market impact of new technologies and novel applications of existing technology on complex diseases.


Consulting: Plan A's consulting unit can deliver a broad range of studies for applications in new product development, strategic business and market planning, new venture analysis, and strategic technology management.

Publishing: Plan A publishes in-depth strategic planning reports addressing major areas of healthcare. Each study provides comprehensive market analyses oriented toward new products, technologies, and market opportunities. The studies are based on ongoing analysis and assessment of products and technologies, competition, and the environment.

Therapeutic Areas

The following are disease and technology areas in which Plan A has extensive experience.

Disease Area    Consulting Syndicated  Multiclient
Allergies/asthma Yes   
Cardiology YesYes  
Dermatology Yes   
Gastroenterology Yes   
Immune disorders YesYes  
Infectious disease Yes   
Neurology YesYes  
Oncology YesYes Yes
Ophthalmology YesYes  
Pain management Yes   
Urology Yes   
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