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About Plan A


Plan A, Inc., is a pharmaceutical management consulting firm dedicated to assisting companies in the development of clinical and marketing strategies for new products. We specialize in linking scientific innovation to the marketplace by making critical connections between technology, unmet medical needs, and commercial opportunity. Based in Mountain View, California, Plan A is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, home to many of the industry's top biopharmaceutical companies.


Plan A's staff has extensive expertise in pharmaceutical marketing and product management, basic and clinical research, and management consulting. We work in a collaborative environment that facilitates synergy between a myriad of scientific and business disciplines and encourages independent, analytical thinking.

In order to maximize our ability to provide thoughtful perspectives and strategic recommendations, staff members are also involved in Plan-A-initiated assessments of technologies and markets that serve as an important foundation for our custom research efforts.


The majority of our clients are directors and senior managers in new product planning, business development, product management, and market research at major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Over the past decade, Plan A has assisted some of the world's largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Plan A also advises smaller R&D enterprises commercializing novel technologies.


Plan A differentiates itself from its competitors in two ways: by integrating the results of primary and secondary research in its analyses and by taking a disease-focused approach to market analysis. Depending on the engagement, Plan A consultants with significant experience in the specified disease area use some or all of the following:

  • In-depth analysis of pharmacological, clinical, and epidemiological literature

  • Expert interviews with thought-leading and community physicians

  • Analysis and reconciliation of pharmaceutical audits and databases
  • This approach allows Plan A to develop rational, accurate, and actionable recommendations for optimal decisionmaking.

    Company Profile

    Established: 1988

    Research Staff:
    20 full-time research consultants and associates (all consultants have advanced scientific or business degrees)

    Scientific advisory board and panel of medical advisors

    Product Mix:
    80% proprietary consulting; 20% syndicated and multiclient reports

    Client Mix:
    60% fully integrated pharmaceutical companies; 30% biotech; 10% new venture

    Functional Clients:
    New Products; Business Development and Licensing; Market Research; Strategic Planning; and Product Management

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