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Plan A's consulting unit can deliver a broad range of studies for applications in new product development, strategic business and market planning, new venture analysis, and strategic technology management.


Plan A uses a fact-based analytical approach that has both scientific and business validity to provide optimal, customized solutions to unique client situations.

Because optimal decisionmaking is contingent upon use of appropriate information inputs and analytical frameworks, Plan A devotes considerable attention to up-front study design, taking into account the significance of decisions to be made and the client's timing and budget considerations.

Plan A's market forecasts are derived through application of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that are appropriate for understanding population dynamics and segmentation, product differentiation and clinical potential, unmet medical need, and product value.

Plan A's market forecasts and technology assessments benefit client organizations by:

  • Providing decision-oriented models and action-oriented recommendations in order to manage risk and maximize returns

  • Bridging scientific and clinical expertise with rigorous pharmaceutical market research and modeling to provide a highly rational depiction of the future marketplace

  • Designing analyses appropriate to the stage of product development in order to assist clients in making strategic business decisions; assumptions are refined as clinical development progresses
  • Methodologies

    Plan A has consulted for clients in a wide variety of proprietary assignments but is particularly experienced in market opportunity and product assessments that support decisionmaking in R&D, licensing, and business development. In terms of method, these engagements mandate a rigorous scientific/technological approach to research and analysis.

    Technology Assessment

  • Scientific/clinical literature analysis
  • Clinical trial evaluation
  • Product ideation and positioning
  • Product profile development
  • Market Research

  • Discussion guide/questionnaire design
  • Qualitative methods (e.g., one-on-one interviews, focus groups, Delphi panels, quorums)
  • Quantitative methods (e.g., conjoint, discrete choice)
  • Analytical Frameworks and Models

  • Patient population modeling
  • Treatment pathway mapping and decision analysis
  • Forecast modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario development
  • Market and Opportunity Analysis

  • Unmet needs analysis
  • Product pipeline analysis
  • Audit analysis (e.g., drug sales, diagnoses, procedures)
  • Opportunity prioritization
  • Competitive and market share analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Study Program
    Plan A recommends a specific program of planned, iterative analysis through the various stages of drug development and the approval process.

    Please contact us to learn more about our study program.

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    Staff Profile
    Plan A's staff has the broad spectrum of capabilities and training needed to provide expert market research and strategic planning services to the pharmaceutical industry. We have extensive, practical experience in market research, product management, and product development and design, and we are highly qualified for conducting market analyses and opportunity assessments based on clinical and scientific understanding.

    Physician Network
    Plan A maintains relationships with a global network of leading researchers and clinicians at major academic centers--individuals who are the most knowledgeable about cutting-edge research and drug development. These long-standing relationships are sustained through participation in syndicated and multiclient studies and Plan A's demonstrated commitment to the physicians' fields of interest.

    Certain physicians also participate directly in consulting engagements as team members or medical advisors.

    Plan A's scientific advisory board comprises faculty from major academic medical centers, such as U.C. San Francisco, Stanford University, University of Florida, the University of Florence, and Hong Kong University.

    Plan A works closely with research affiliates throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan to conduct global studies and to expand its functional capabilities.

    Data Access
    Plan A's access to and facility with key information resources place it in a very strong position to fill client consulting needs quickly. In addition to accessing online sources, the company maintains its own extensive active databases on markets, companies and products, and new and emerging technologies. By providing historical perspective and structure to new research assignments, these resources serve as a starting point for the development of accurate forecasts and insightful analysis of trends.

    Plan A also has physical access to resources at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and U.C. San Francisco.

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    Getting Started
    Plan A facilitates access to its consulting services through pre-engagement consultation to ensure understanding of specific client needs and to define project objectives, scope, and methodology. In addition to allowing the determination of client needs, these meetings allow Plan A to differentiate its capabilities, to determine the appropriateness of Plan A's services to the project at hand, and to establish client deadlines and budgets.

    Following these initial discussions, Plan A typically submits a formal proposal that outlines the project's specific objectives and a recommended methodology. Proposals also include staff biographies and unique capabilities, a project timetable, and estimates of professional service fees and project expenses. Plan A can also respond to written client requests for proposal.

    Plan A works with clients to determine the optimal working relationship between Plan A's staff and the client's organization.

    Plan A can work within existing structures defined by the client (e.g., as part of a formal research program at a large company) and in planning and implementing research programs (e.g., as part of a business plan for new venture start-ups).

    This flexibility is made possible by Plan A's experience in working with both major pharmaceutical companies and small biopharmaceutical companies in the evaluation of new technologies and opportunities.

    Professional service fees are billed by project or by the hour. Plan A works with clients to refine objectives and methods that optimize budgets. Key variables for optimization include levels of scientific and clinical analysis, primary research, timing, and client involvement.

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